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Monday, August 24, 2015

Blind Spots in Pastors

Topic:  Blind Spots in Pastors

Greetings Firstborn Sons:

First let me say this is not a message to single out nor bash pastors but to make leaders aware that we must be cognoscente of our blind spots that we are leading the people of God in the ways of the Lord.  So what are some common blind spots in Pastors:

1.   Building the local church without building the City Church
Simply put there is a focus on building the local church and no attention paid to building the Corporate church or Body of Christ in the city.  Haggai 1:3-5 speaks of how the nation focused on their local houses while the Temple, the Lord’s house at that time, laid in waste. 

2.   Title-Driven
When we are driven by titles, it is a indication of insecurities.  We must be called or desire to be called Apostle, Bishop, Dr. Revereend…etc. 

3.   Talking Down to People
When we exalt ourselves over the people and in turn lord over them which is a manifestation of pride.  And in this pride there is a belief that one cannot make a mistake. As a result we make people feel lower than us.  

4.   Missing Fellowship and Gatherings
This is evident when there is a failure to gather the household and/or the Body of Christ in the City.  You absent yourself for no reason.  There must be a commitment and understanding to the importance of the gathering to the manifestation of the Corporate Son in the city. 

5.   Building the Church Based on Felt Need
Common blind spot that people build the church based on their perceived ideas of what they think the people want.   It is a church that caters to the marketplace and what they believe the marketplace desires, not how the Lord orders, builds and sustains.  (Story of the Reign of Jeroboam)

6.   Move too Slow
When God tells us to move we must learn to move with haste and urgency.  One of the beautiful Scriptures to illustrate this is Psalm 18:33: He maketh my feet like the hinds’ feet and setteth me upon my high places. 

7.   Over Symbolism and Mysticism
This one is very common in denominational churches where they take things that the Lord made as a type and shadow and over-mystify and give extra meaning to the symbol and not the reality.  This also is caused by the inability to read types and shadows accurately

8.   Inaccurate Relationships
This one is a big one.  Pastors should be careful of who they make covenant relationships with.  All relationships should be ordained by the Lord.  If not, the people they make covenant with could be the very ones that fight the current move of God in this season and you would be in “covenant” with them working against God.

9.   Self-Centeredness

When the praise of men come up and you heap those praises to yourself and exalt yourself because of them, pride is built and then instead of serving the people with humility you become selfish and ask the people to serve you. 

10.                 Fighting Present-Day Apostles
Very common, especially if you do not believe in there being apostles today.  Simply put Apostles are the “Sent Ones” and are wise master builders of the House of God.  To reject today’s apostles is to reject the instruction of the Lord as it pertains to advancing His Kingdom and building His House. 

11.                 Inaccurate Vision and Purpose
Know what you are called to do and stay in your lane.  Do not desire to be more and do more than what God has graced you to do.  Beware of being overly ambitious that your will begins to override God’s will and you move out of the grace of God given to you. 

12.                 Absence of a Personal Devotional Life
Many believe they could just study on Friday and Saturday and do a “sermon” on Saturday or Sermon.  Or you can just go to “Bible College or School” and be taught all you need to know to become a pastor.  You need a personal devoted life to the Lord that He can instruct you and give you wisdom on what He desires for you to do.  You will be surprised what the Lord will show you that a teaching institution cannot.  I am not bashing seminaries but keep in mind you are being taught from someone else’s perspective and if their perspective is in error, so will you.  You must learn from the Father and know that the House of God is built on personal relationship not theology. 

We, even leaders, need to remain in the teachable and correctable position as the Lord shows us these inaccuracies within us that we may grow according to His grace and not man’s will.  Blind Spots are real because we can look at the current state of the church and its divisiveness and see these blind spots and how the enemy has used them to ravage the church.  Those who desire to have the veil removed to see these blind spots, I pray that whatever the Lord shows you, you accept it, repent and move with haste in the opposite direction in your life.  There is no room for being sentimental and emotional when it comes to your spiritual well-being.   I pray that you have been blessed by this teaching and may His grace and peace abound unto you.

Calvin Calhoun, Jr. 


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Characteristics of Blind Spots

Topic: Characteristics of Blind Spots

Blessings Sons of God:

Today I want to share with you some characteristics of blind spots so that we can realize how they linger for so long as a blind spot.  The major characteristic of all blind spots are that they are considered low standard.  They not as obvious as you would think.  This is why they are blind spots in our lives:

1.   They have been there a long time – Grown accustomed to living in it not knowing it is hindering your growth
2.   Unrenewed mindset - prevents development and maturity
3.   Opens the door to sin! Ignorance (Darkness) to truth eventually breeds sin
4.   Never seen by the individual
5.   Makes one Delusional meaning living with a fixed false belief. 

Let me deal slightly with delusions because I know people see that word and scratch their head or say, “I  am not delusional”.  Most know delusions as a medical term and it is. People who have delusions have fixed images but they are not true in reality.  In the spirit, you can be delusional.  You can live with fixed, mostly are taught and passed down, false beliefs. Let’s look at a couple of delusions.

1.    Doctrinal – Rapture, Mansions in Heaven, Streets of Gold
2.    Pride – Delusions of Grandeur and feeling of extraordinary greatness
3.    Laodicean Delusion – Lukewarmness and Belief in material wealth and prosperity as a sign of the presence of God but in actuality he is on the outside knocking.
4.    Suspicion – Saul was suspicious of David which lead to him trying to kill him. 
5.    Idolatry – Simon the Sorcerer believed because he had power that he was an anointed man of God until he had an encounter with a Son of God carrying the true God and His power.
6.    Sight – Saul and his army saw Goliath as huge and unbeatable but David saw him as an uncircumcised Philistine.

You would be amazed at how many people, especially leaders suffer from spiritual delusions, especially when you set it across just those few items.  There is also False sense of Security, Negativity and even Unity to add to that list. 

This is why it is so important for us to have a relationship with our Heavenly Father and submit, obey and repent to what He is revealing as blind spots that hinder our growth.  So many are trapped in these blind spots and when the Lord sends someone to reveal it to them , because they have been there so long, they reject the Word of God and the enemy is allowed to continue to hold that believer hostage in that area of their life.  Once you repent and overcome that blind spot, the enemy cannot hide there because no longer is it blind to you but you can see it through discernment. 

In the last message of this series I want to talk about blind spots in Pastors.  

Peace, Love and Grace

Calvin Calhoun, Jr.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blind Spots Part 3 - Purpose of Discernment

Topic: Purpose of Discernment

Blessings Sons of God:

Many of us have heard of discernment and understand that it is the ability to feel or sense that something is right or wrong. Now as simple as that is, many within the faith struggle with discernment and usually it is because they have not submitted their soul to the rule of the spirit.  Let me lead our discussion with this Scripture:

Hebrews 5:14:  But strong meat belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil

In this Scripture, the context that the writer is speaking of is the need for the church to go back to first principles or elementary doctrines because clearly the fruit being shown was not mature.  This is why the reference between meat and milk are made in the previous Scripture and this one.  But notice, that those who are mature (strong meat) have there senses “exercised” to discern good and evil.  Key word here is exercised.  So there is a progressive working and training of our spiritual senses to discern good and evil.  Discernment is crucial to our development because as we mature the tactic of the enemy becomes very subtle and that discernment must be sharpened.   Let me share this particular story to drive the point home:

David, a man after God’s heart had phenomenal discernment.  He discerned some of these various things:
1.   Discerned the Voice of the Lord
2.   Purpose of the Ark of the Covenant in Worship
3.   Saul was his enemy
4.   Importance of Covenant and its obligation
5.   The Enemies of God
6.   Goliath was a uncircumcised Philistine
These are just a few but there was a situation in David’s life, a blind spot, where he did not immediately discern and it concerned Bathsheba.  We know the story:  David gets Urriah killed by placing him on the front lines so that he can have Bathsheba.  She becomes pregnant and it was not until nine months later that God would reveal the error in David’s life.  Remember he was the King at the time and so whatever the king desired he could have but his situation with Bathsheba was one that God sent a prophet by the name of Nathan to make David aware of his error.  After being made aware by the prophet, David repented and asked for forgiveness and we know he did because he wrote about it in Psalm 51.  

We have got to mature and have our spiritual senses exercised.  Are there times you will miss or make an error?  Of course but it is part of the learning curve of being a Son of God.  But we have to be receptive to correction when the Light of Christ makes us aware of our faults and deficiencies that enemy uses to snare us.  Nobody here reading this message wants to be deceived.  But are you will to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal where you are in error so that you can have the opportunity to mature or will you let pride rise up in your soul and keep you on your same path which ultimately leads to you staying immature?  

These are real decisions that we must make as believers and much of what the Lord will reveal will challenge you, make you feel uncomfortable but know that if you repent you will be moving to a better place and position than where you currently are. 

Peace and Grace Beloved Sons
Calvin Calhoun, Jr.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blind Spots - Ministry of the Word of God

Topic: Blind Spots – Ministry of the Word of God

Greetings Sons of God:

In our previous message we left of with our principle of how our blind spots are revealed is first by the Light of Men, the Holy Spirit.  Now let’s put some Scripture with this as confirmation.  Always confirm anything with the Word of God, in proper context. 

Isaiah 25:6,7: And in this mountain shall the Lord of hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow of wines on the lees well refined. And He will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations. 

First thing I want you to understand that it references a particular place for us to go where He will destroy the face of the covering casted over the people.  Now we may ask, where is this place?

Isaiah 2:2: And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s House shall be established in the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. 

This prophetic scripture gives us the answer.  We must go to the House of the Lord.  In Scripture it is not talking about a physical edifice but to the family of God.   In addition it says that the Lord will establish it.  Now many of you may say well I am in the Lord’s house as His child.  Ok, but why do so many believers still act carnal and fatherless?  Notice the Scripture also states that ALL nations shall flow unto it.  It makes the reference to the Family of God.  This mountain where the Lord’s house is being established is not a physical mountain but it is the highest place or position in the earth.  Mountains are pictures also of governmental positions.  So the House of God will be established in the highest governmental position in the Earth.  The Kingdom of God is the superior government on earth and the only government that can established the true order ordained by God.  This is why the creation waits for the manifestation of the Sons of God.  Because on our shoulders, we carry the government, the Kingdom of God.   
Now let me share this about the last portion of Isaiah 25.  It says that He will destroy the face and the veil that is covering and spread over all the people.  Clearly a veil or covering is meant to conceal or hide something.  But the Scripture says the Lord will destroy this veil and covering.  So what is this veil or covering?

Isaiah 60:1,2:  Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.  For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee and his glory shall be seen upon thee. 

The veil and the covering is darkness.  Darkness is a picture of not only sin but ignorance.  Ignorance to the Lord of Creation and His ways.  Now notice darkness hides and conceals so your blind spots are dark areas within you that the enemy uses to attack you.  Ignorance (lack of knowledge) is a reason why the people of God are destroyed. But notice when we receive the Light of Christ, the Spirit of God it says the Lord will arise upon us and His glory shall be seen.  Now that sounds great but think about what that means.  That means for the Lord to arise upon thee and glory be seen, darkness must be expelled.  And this is where the ministry of Word comes to play and it is a five-fold ministry.  Five being the number of grace.  Let me show you the five-fold ministry of the Word that reveals blind spots:

Hebrews 4:12: For the Word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of the soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 

1.   Quick – Life-Giving
2.   Powerful –Enabling
3.   Piercing – Offending
4.   Dividing Asunder Soul and Spirit (Your will vs. God’s Will)
5.   Discerner

In the next message we will talk about the power of correction in being healed from blind spots.

Peace and Grace,

Calvin Calhoun, Jr.